Local Delivery App

March 27, 2023 (1y ago)

Homemade Lunch Delivery App

Official Name was MadeByMaa, now discontinued by the client.
Time to deliver was 3 months


This app was one of the first full stack apps I worked on with my freelance team of developers. I was responsible for the dashboard and writing its api routes into the existing dashboard as backend and app developers were focused on the app.

I also helped in developement of other key parts like push notifications and analytics/crashalytics setup. The team worked great and delivered the project with minimal delays but unfortunately the client had to discontinue the project due to some personal reasons.

This app used to connect local homemade food makers with customers. The user could subscribe to a plan and get homemade food delivered to their doorstep.

Parts of the project

  • Customer App
  • Food Maker App
  • Admin Dashboard

Technologies Used

  • Flutter (For Customer and Food Maker App)
  • React (For Admin Dashboard)
  • Node.js (For Backend)
  • Firebase (For Backend/Database)
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging (For Notifications)
    • Google Analytics for Firebase (For Analytics)
    • Firebase Crashalytics (For crash reporting)
    • Firebae Storage (For Image Storage)
  • Stripe (For Payment Gateway)
  • Google Maps API (For Location Services)



Other Screenshots:
System Settings
File Manager


This project was a great learning experience for me as I got to work with a team of developers and learn how to manage a project. I also learned how to write api routes and integrate them into a dashboard & learned how to setup push notifications and analytics/crashalytics.